Our fight against Covid-19

A percentage of ALL SALES will be donated to the Inland Empire Covid-19 Resilience Fund to help our communities with this fight.



Log 5.26.2020: As we head into our 3rd month of collecting donations, we look towards you as our greatest contributors. A portion of all sales will be donated. Please follow the link directly to contribute towards a cause worth fighting for.

Log 5.19.2020: Amazing. We have almost doubled our fundraising efforts with the help from our many supporters. We hope that our contributions can help with the fight against this virus. We hope everyone out there is staying safe. Please look to donate directly to the Inland Empire fund if you can spare anything extra. 

Log 5.13.2020: Thanks to everyone who purchased PHD Organics CBD products! We out raised last months donation amount! Not by much but with 9 days left we might be able to double our fundraising efforts! Stay Tuned!!!

Log 5.12.2020: We have just surpassed the amount of donations we have received compared to last month! This is huge and we look to donate even more with 10 days left in this month! Please click the link to donate or purchase any product and a portion of your buy will go to fight Covid-19!

Log 5.6.2020: We are almost past our donation amount for last month! This is huge! The more we are able to donate the quicker we can fight and beat this pandemic and reopen the economy! If you would like to donate directly, please click the link above. If you would like to donate indirectly AND get some CBD relief, purchase one of our products and a % of the proceeds will go to the non-profit in the link. 

Log: 5.2.2020: We are a little bit above half of what we were able to raise last month. Hopefully, we can surpass that amount easily!

We will continue to donate every 30 days a portion of our sales and as much as we can afford as owners. Please click on the link to donate directly or purchase some products and PHD Organics will donate a percentage of your purchase.

We hope to beat the amount of donations from our first month. Our second month ends on 5/23! Please help us with achieving our goal by purchasing our products or donating directly yourself!

Log 4.24.2020: Our first month we managed to pull in $21.15 from the portion of sales we allocated as well. We as owners pulled together what we could and donated an additional $80 for a total donation of $101.15 for our first month!

Our Donation Tracker will be updated anytime someone makes a purchase. Basically, these donations are 100% from you, our customers. We are giving as much as we can to the people who buy our products and the communities who help our people. 

If you or anyone you know is struggling financially and would like help with purchasing CBD products, please reach out to our customer service email.


We hope you and those close to you are staying healthy during the current health emergency. We are adjusting to the daily changing circumstances that are coming to us due to the outbreak of Covid-19 as quickly and as best as possible according to what is recommended and safest for all of us.

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