How much CBD should I take?

First and foremost, it is ALWAYS recommended that you consult with your physician before ingesting anything ESPECIALLY if you are taking other medications as consuming CBD may have adverse effects on your body.

With that said, we do recommend a specific approach to our tinctures in order to allow your body to adjust and allow you to figure out exactly how much CBD you should take. All of our bodies are different and require different things. This is the approach we have recommended since day one.

Start with a 200mg Alternative Relief CBD Tincture

We recommend a Day and Night cycle when first beginning to consume the CBD tincture.

0.5ml in the morning and 0.5ml at night.

This will last you 1 month. The amount of CBD per ml can be found here.

If you begin finding yourself taking more than 1ml a day, we do suggest a tincture with a higher mg of CBD per 30ml. Therefore, if you are taking more than 1ml a day of the 200mg tincture, you should move up to the 400mg tincture. This effectively doubles the amount of CBD per ml drop.

Continue this method until you feel comfortable with the desired effects. The CBD tincture should last you 1 month.