Don’t Miss Out on Amazing Holiday Bundles + Black Friday Deals!

Don’t Miss Out on Amazing Holiday Bundles + Black Friday Deals!

Posted by Lily Kiepke on Nov 23rd 2020

Give the gift of affordable relief this holiday season with PHD Organics’ 2020 Holiday Gift Packs and upcoming Black Friday Weekend Blowout Sale!

Choose your scents, combine, and save with a variety of different bundle options, perfect for everyone on your shopping list.

Topical Treat Stocking Stuffer

●1,000mg CBD Tangerine Ointment

●300mg CBD Lotion in Cherry Blossom, Coconut, or Unscented Aloe

●1 Surprise Gift Item from PHD Organics

Treat yourself or a loved one to relaxation with PHD Organics’ most powerful ointment and a CBD-infused lotion in your favorite scent with the new Topical Treat Stocking Stuffer holiday bundle.

Our creamy, tangerine-scented 1,000mg ointment can soothe swollen hands, sore muscles, and aching joints. Sweat and water-resistant, this ointment stays put to provide steady relief, no matter what your day entails.

This Ointment has been a life saver for me and so many customers. Whether it's foot pain, back pain, knee pain, soreness or inflammation of any kind, or you just want to get rid of dry, cracked, rough skin, this is the product for you!”

-Sondra Stewart, PHD Organics customer

Complete with white will bark extract, sunflower oil, and witch hazel water, and infused with 300mg of CBD, our decadent lotions are ultra-hydrating and cleansing.

Take in the delicious, fresh scent of blended cherry blossom or coconut terpenes (or opt for unscented aloe) and slip into a state of relaxation.

Grab our Topical Treat Stocking Stuffer today for $59.95, and you’ll save $41.95! Get two potent, soothing topical items for less than the price of our powerful ointment alone, and a surprise gift on us!

Fitness & Strength Stocking Stuffer

●1,000mg CBD Tangerine Ointment

●1,000mg CBD Tincture

●1,000mg CBD Isolate

●1 Surprise Gift Item from PHD Organics

Complete with our most potent ointment, #1 Best Selling 1,000mg CBD tincture, and 99.9% pure CBD isolate, the Fitness & Strength Stocking Stuffer provides versatile relief for exercise enthusiasts.

Buttery, tangerine-scented ointment can be applied directly to sore and inflamed muscles to provide targeted relief and improve recovery time. Our ointment is sweat and water-resistant to outlast any workout.

Add a 1mL drop of our popular 1,000mg tincture to a protein shake or post-workout smoothie for a convenient daily dose of 33mg of CBD. 100% natural, organic, and vegan, our tinctures are free of additives, dyes, and sugars.

Tasteless and odorless, CBD isolate offers flexible usage for the more experienced CBD user. Take CBD isolate alone as an edible, add it to any food or drink, or vape it in a pipe and enjoy 99.9% pure cannabidiol!

Valued at $160, get your Fitness & Strength Stocking Stuffer for only $89.95 and save nearly $70! Additionally, enjoy a surprise gift with your order from PHD Organics.

Relief & Rest Gift Pack

●2,000mg CBD Tincture

●300mg CBD Lotion in Cherry Blossom, Coconut, or Unscented Aloe

●60mg CBD Bath Bomb in Lavender, Eucalyptus, or Lemon

●60mg CBD Bath Dust in Lavender, Eucalyptus, or Lemon

●1 Surprise Gift Item from PHD Organics

Grab our most powerful 2,000mg tincture, a 300mg lotion, bath bomb, and bath dust in our Relief & Rest Gift Pack and relax knowing you’ve secured big savings.

Packed with 67mg of CBD in each 1mL drop, a 2,000mg tincture can quickly melt the stress of the day away. CBD has also been shown to reduce symptoms of anxiety and improve sleep in several studies.

Quench dry, cracked winter skin with soothing CBD lotion in your choice of cherry blossom or coconut scent, or unscented aloe. Apply twice daily and enjoy more hydrated and elastic skin with less visible fine lines and wrinkles in just two months.

Slip into a steamy bath with a CBD bath bomb or bath dust bag available in the relaxing scents of lavender, eucalyptus, and lemon. Complete with nourishing coconut oil, essential oils, and 60mg of CBD, a CBD bath is sure to put your mind and body at ease.

Get your Relief & Rest Gift Pack now for only $119.95, and save over $57.80! Enjoy our strongest tincture and 3 topical treats for the price of the tincture alone, as well as a free gift with each purchase!

Forget About 2020 Gift Pack

●2,000mg CBD Tincture

●1,000mg CBD Tangerine Ointment

●300mg CBD Lotion in Cherry Blossom, Coconut, or Unscented Aloe

●300mg Bath Dust 30oz Bag in Lavender, Eucalyptus, or Lemon

●100mg Bath Bomb in Coconut, Lavender, or Cherry Blossom

●1 Surprise Gift Item from PHD Organics

Treat yourself and your friends and family to some much-needed relaxation and relief after a stressful year.

Equip yourself with the strongest tincture and ointment we have to offer, CBD lotion, bath dust, and a bath bomb in our Forget About 2020 Gift Pack.

Fast-acting, easy-to-use, and shown to reduce pain and anxiety, and improve sleep, there are many reasons why a CBD tincture is the perfect choice for you. Add 1mL to your morning coffee or tea and let 67mg of CBD catapult you into your day.

Relieve carpal tunnel syndrome and aching backs courtesy of working from home with our rich, calming 1,000mg CBD ointment. Let scents of tangerine essential oils whisk your mind away to a tropical oasis.

Try our 300mg CBD lotion to get rid of stubborn “maskne,” as CBD has been shown to reduce acne by stopping inflammation and the overproduction of pore-clogging sebum.

Melt the day away with a 100mg CBD bath bomb newly available in cherry blossom, coconut, or lavender, or 300mg of CBD bath dust in lovely lavender, eucalyptus, or lemon.

Shown to calm your nervous system, expand lung capacity, and improve heart health and circulation, a hot bath is already highly beneficial for your body. Add in antibacterial and anti-inflammatory agents CBD and essential oils, and you’ll emerge completely cleansed.

Save over $120 when you buy a Forget About 2020 Gift Pack for only $249.95 while supplies last! Don’t miss out on these extreme savings, and a bonus item courtesy of PHD Organics.

50% Off Black Friday Weekend Sale

Still have a few more items on your wish list?

Shop from the comfort of your couch after Thanksgiving and score some last-minute savings.

Enjoy 50% off all website products (excluding holiday bundles) during Black Friday Weekend November 27th-30th!

That’s It!

Stock up on CBD to take the stress out of the holiday season.

Your friends and family will love partaking in the latest health and wellness trend (and we won’t judge if you choose to keep these awesome items for yourself!)

PHD Organics is available to ship virtually anywhere, and we’ll even gift-wrap your items for you, if you’d like.

See why CBD products are the perfect gift for all of your friends and family, including workaholics, insomniacs, fitness buffs, and more!

Why CBD Is the Perfect Stocking Stuffer for Everyone on Your List

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