6 New Year's Resolutions + Why CBD Is the Secret to Making Them Stick

6 New Year's Resolutions + Why CBD Is the Secret to Making Them Stick

Posted by Lily Kiepke on Jan 4th 2021

Break in the New Year by busting out a CBD routine that’ll make those resolutions stick!

Get actionable tips and tricks for achieving your New Year’s resolutions, and the science behind how CBD can help.

1. Get In Shape

Every year, gyms are flooded with new members energized by the New Year to better themselves through fitness.

However, for many the habit doesn’t stick. In fact, according to one infographic:

  • 80% of gym members that join in January quit within 5 months
  • 14% of New Year’s resolutioners quit by the end of February

So, how can you make your New Year’s resolution stick? Check out these quick tips from Men’s Health:

  • Take lots of selfies instead of using a scale to measure your progress. Share your results and see the visual evidence of your hard work
  • Set monthly mini-goals to help maintain your motivation
  • Get a gym buddy to help hold you accountable—this can increase your likelihood of achieving your fitness goals by 95%
  • Challenge yourself once a month with a unique extreme workout, like rock-climbing
  • Sign up for competition like a 5K to motivate you and bring out your competitive side

And when your muscles are aching from all your efforts, CBD is there to provide you with well-earned relaxation. Apply a silky CBD lotion or sweat-proof CBD ointment to sore, tender muscles for targeted relief.

Join the lengthy list of professional athletes, Olympians , and celebrities that use CBD to keep their bodies in the best shape possible.

2. Sleep Better

Sleep is crucial—our bodies need this time to heal and recharge. And if you’re not getting enough sleep, you put yourself at risk for a host of health issues , like Alzheimer’s disease and depression.

But in a world full of constant distractions and a never-ending news cycle, it can be difficult to prioritize that sleep that our bodies so desperately need.

Washington University in St. Louis offers advice for creating a sleep routine that can improve the quality and length of your sleep:

  • Set up an environment for sleep that is cool, comfortable, and relaxing, free of electronics and pets
  • Maintain a consistent sleep schedule: create a bedtime routine and sleep schedule for both weekdays and weekends
  • Create an electronic curfew as blue light from devices can disrupt the body’s natural release of melatonin
  • Reduce caffeine and substance intake and avoid eating large meals 2-3 hours before bedtime
  • Avoid physical activity before bed as it energizes your body and raises your body temperature
  • Do calming activities like reading, stretching, and meditating to relax the body

Additionally, research suggests CBD may improve sleep quality and quantity.

For example, a large case series conducted in Colorado in 2019 revealed a low dose of 25mg of CBD improved the sleep scores of 66.7% of patients who struggled with sleep in the first month.

Anecdotally, better sleep is a common thread among CBD success stories . CBD works by interacting with the endocannabinoid system , which plays a large role in the sleep-wake cycle.

Here’s when you should time your doses of CBD so that they’ll take effect when you are going to bed:

  • Take CBD from a tincture sublingually (“under the tongue”) 15 minutes before bed
  • Apply topical products like lotions and ointments 1 hour before going to bed
  • Soak in a CBD bath for 30 minutes 1-2 hours before going to bed

3. Lose Weight

Losing weight is a common New Year’s resolution; in 2019, 48% of people who made New Year’s resolutions wanted to lose weight according to a survey conducted by YouGov.

While reaching your goal weight can seem overwhelmingly impossible at first, breaking down your plan into small, actionable steps can help you maintain your motivation and meet your goal.

Fitness expert and body-builder Karen Sessions at New West Physicians provides 7 simple steps you can take towards tackling your weight loss goals:

  • Make a list of foods or habits that are preventing you from reaching your goals
  • Create a deadline on your calendar to give you a sense of urgency
  • Make an action plan with short- and long-term goals and different workouts
  • Get family and friends involved to hold you accountable and celebrate your progress
  • Grade yourself on a score sheet, tracking water, meals, and exercise
  • Celebrate meeting your goals by rewarding yourself for your efforts

Consider adding CBD to your health and wellness routine, as the compound may help you lose weight due to how it affects your body and brain.

Experts at Medical News Today break down existing research surrounding CBD and weight loss, revealing how the powerful compound may be able to help you reach your goal weight:

  • CBD reduces appetite by blocking or “deactivating” the CB1 receptor, which releases hormones that increase food intake (2018 study)
  • CBD reduced appetite in an animal study (2012 study)
  • CBD converts “bad” white fat into “good” brown fat, helping the body burn more calories and stimulating the body to break down fats better (2016 study, 2018 study)

Easily add a few drops of CBD to your protein shake or post-workout smoothie with the convenient, pre-measured dropper cap of a tincture.

4. Be Confident

CBD may be the secret to keeping your cool under pressure. That means nailing that first impression, new job interview, or big presentation—even if you experience social anxiety.

Back in 2011, researchers examined if CBD could have a therapeutic effect on patients with generalized social anxiety disorder (SAD), a common anxiety disorder can impair their social life. To test their hypothesis, they engaged patients in a Simulated Public Speaking Test (SPST), as a fear of public speaking is a primary indication of SAD.

Using scales like the Visual Analog Mood Scale (VAMS), and physiological measurements, such as blood pressure and heart rate, researchers collected data on the patient’s responses.

Here’s what they were able to conclude:

  • “Pretreatment with CBD significantly reduced anxiety, cognitive impairment and discomfort in their speech performance”
  • “The increase in anxiety induced by the SPST on subjects with SAD was reduced with the use of CBD, resulting in a similar response as the (healthy control group)”
  • “CBD is possibly the cannabinoid that is most likely to have initial findings in anxiety translated into clinical practice”

Try keeping a CBD tincture handy so that you can feel ready for whatever this year sends your way. Take CBD sublingually by holding the oil under your tongue for at least 60 seconds, and expect those feel-good effects in as quickly as 15 minutes.

5. Practice Self-Care

Self-care is a great skill to bring into the New Year to boost your self-esteem and reduce stress .

Verywell Mind, a health and wellness information resource created by health professionals, describes some of the benefits of self-care:

  • May boost your physical health by triggering a relaxation response
  • Can improve emotional health by boosting your self-esteem and confidence
  • Makes you a better caregiver because your own needs are met

A great way to practice self-care and relieve stress is to pamper yourself—whether that be with a soothing bath, a calming face mask, or a luxurious massage.

Here’s how to seamlessly add CBD to your self-care routine:

Additionally, CBD may improve your skin by reducing the overproduction of pore-clogging

sebum, and improving skin’s hydration, elasticity, and water retention. Check out more in our article: Why CBD Is the Secret Ingredient for Amazing Clear Skin You’ll Love.

6. Ditch a Bad Habit

Whether you like to stay up too late, bite your nails, smoke, or spend too much time on your phone, it’s never too late to make a change. As we enter a New Year, leave a bad habit behind.

And depending on a variety of factors , such as how long you’ve had the habit, what “rewards” you get from it, and your level of motivation, that can be tough.

Research suggests it takes an average of 66 days to make a new behavior automatic, but habit breaking can take “anywhere from 18 to 254 days” depending on the person.

Here’s 6 simple tips to help you break a bad habit, medically reviewed by experts at Healthline:

  • Start small by weaning off the habit in progressive stages
  • Find a replacement behavior to help you be more successful
  • Stick with it by establishing a pattern of consistency
  • Get motivated by involving others, tracking progress, and thinking of long-term benefits
  • Do it for you: find reasons why you want to break the habit
  • Consult a professional for additional resources and guidance

So, how can CBD help?

In several studies, CBD has been shown to curb cravings and anxiety surrounding addiction.

For example, cigarette smokers given a CBD inhaler were able curb their cigarette use by ~40%, and keep it down weeks later.

Read more about how CBD helped keep users calm even when presented with triggers in our article: 3 Awesome Studies Reveal CBD Is an Effective Tool for Addiction Management .

Challenge Yourself!

Take charge in 2021 and meet your New Year’s resolutions with the help of the powerful compound CBD!

New to CBD? We’ve got you covered! Check out our guide:

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