​How to Get the Most Out of Your CBD Bath Bomb

​How to Get the Most Out of Your CBD Bath Bomb

Posted by Lily Kiepke on Sep 17th 2020

Do you find yourself craving relaxation? Are you seeking to expand your self-care routine? Look no further than the blissful experience of a CBD bath bomb. A CBD bath bomb combines  hydrotherapy, also known as water therapy, and  aromatherapy, the use of essential oils, to relax the body and mind.

Studies have proven CBD has miraculous benefits when applied topically, such as improving the hydration and elasticity of your skin. The anti-inflammatory properties of CBD in combination with warm water relieve muscle pain and soreness.

Additionally, research indicates CBD has “anxiolytic [anti-anxiety], antidepressant, antipsychotic, and anticonvulsant properties.”

Essential oils enhance the benefits of CBD bath bombs by working as an anti-inflammatory and antibacterial general body relaxant. The use of essential oils, or  aromatherapy, is often used to ease stress, boost feelings of relaxation, and improve sleep. A CBD bath bomb infused with essential oils will put your mind and body at ease.

How do you use a CBD bath bomb?

Simply place the bath bomb or desired amount of bath dust into warm water and it will begin to fizz and foam immediately as it dissolves. To get the most out of your CBD bath bomb,  physiotherapists (pain and movement specialists) recommend keeping your water between at least 33-36° C or 91-97°F to maximize the hydrotherapeutic benefits.

Additionally, adding a massage to your bath can magnify the perks of your CBD bath bomb.  Jane Buckle, PHD, RN, boasts “friction, caused by stroking or massage, encourages dilation of the blood vessels in the dermis and can increase the absorption of essential oil components.”

How long should you soak in a CBD bath?

Soak for at least thirty minutes to allow the CBD and essential oils to enter your skin. You will begin to feel the difference in your body quickly;  Buckle reveals “essential oils are lipid soluble and many of the components can be absorbed through the skin rapidly.”

What are the benefits of CBD bath bombs?

Taking a bath in itself is highly beneficial for your body, boasting benefits such as:

●Improving heart health through increased circulation

●Expanding lung capacity and oxygen intake due to the temperature and pressure

●Calming the nervous system and providing postural stability

●Relaxing the muscles and joints

●Aiding digestion and reducing blood sugar levels

●Killing bacteria and improving immunity

●Cleansing and moisturizing the skin by opening your pores

Adding CBD to your bath provides much needed relief from bodily aches and pains. Matthew Halpert, a professor of immunology at Baylor College of Medicine, has been  quoted stating, “CBD products don’t just mask pain or inflammation as some over-the-counter topical pain relief creams do. They actually make the pain go away for a certain time period.”

Users of PHD Organics bath products may notice brighter skin and skin tone in addition to reduced pain, swelling, and anxiety.

How do CBD bath bombs work?

Cannabidiol, or CBD, interacts with the body’s endocannabinoid system, which affects many of the body’s functions. The endocannabinoid system, or EC system, has many cannabinoid receptors, especially in the skin. According to  US News Health, these receptors “are associated with pain sensation, appetite, immune function, mood, and more.”

By applying CBD directly to the skin, it is given easy access to a high concentration of cannabinoid receptors within the EC system, influencing a variety of bodily sensations.

How much CBD is in a bath bomb?

PHD Organics offers a variety of different luxury CBD bath products, including bath bombs and bath dust.

CBD bath bombs range from 30mg to 60 mg, with your choice of lavender, eucalyptus, or lemon essential oils.

Looking to control the exact amount of CBD in your bath? Try  30mg or 60mg of CBD bath dust to increase or lower the potency of your bath. PHD Organics CBD bath dusts are also available with lavender, eucalyptus, and lemon essential oil infusions.

Do CBD bath bombs get you high?

No, a CBD bath bomb will not get you high. Researchers exploring the  antioxidative and anti-inflammatory properties of cannabidiol note “CBD is non-psychoactive but exerts a number of beneficial pharmacological effects, including anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties.”

Do CBD bath bombs show up on a drug test?

Highly unlikely, depending where you get your CBD. According to  Medical News Today, “drug tests do not screen for CBD because it does not cause intoxicating effects and is not an illegal controlled substance.”

However, MNT warns against buying CBD products that have not been third-party tested, as they may misrepresent the actual THC dose.

All products at PHD Organics boast third-party lab testing, so you can shop with confidence.

How else can I use CBD to relax?

Incorporate CBD into your full routine through the use of  topicals such as lotions and ointments, or  tinctures of CBD oil with easy-to-use droppers.

Even your pet can partake with PHD Organic’s unique line of salmon-flavored  CBD for pets.

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The Takeaway

A CBD bath bomb combines hydrotherapy, aromatherapy, and CBD’s pain-relieving properties to provide you with the perfect bath to put your mind and body at ease.

CBD has been proven to provide lasting pain relief, as well as improve the hydration and elasticity of the skin. Both CBD and essential oils calm the mind and body by relaxing the muscles and relieving tension. Adding in a massage can enhance the benefits of your bath by allowing the oils to be more easily absorbed. Bathing in warm water has extensively researched benefits for the body, such as improving heart and lung health. CBD bath bombs work by interacting with your endocannabinoid system, influencing a variety of bodily sensations such as pain and mood.

Complete your CBD routine by applying topicals such as lotions or ointments after your bath. Always buy your CBD from companies like PHD Organics that have been tested by third parties to ensure the quality of the product.

What has been your experience with CBD bath bombs? Let us know on our Facebook page, PHD Organics.


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