30mg Lemon CBD Bath Dust

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Relax into the full benefits of our 30mg CBD Lemon Bath Dust any time of day.

Lemon has many benefits acting as a powerful calming and mood-improving agent. Lemon has been shown to provide relief from morning sickness, prevent skin inflammation, provide skin brightening and tone improving antioxidants, pain relief, fights breakouts, contains antifungal properties to battle infection causing bacteria and promote wound healing, and the aromatherapy may help improve cognitive function

Combined with CBD, our Lemon Bath Dust is perfect for any time of day for enhanced skin, reduced inflammation, and relief to start or end your day.

It is best to avoid direct sunlight after using our lemon bath products.

Sprinkle desired quantity into warm bath and enjoy the calming benefits of a Lemon CBD bath soak brought to you by PHD Organics.

6oz Bath Dust

Store in a cool dry place.